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Hey everyone! So I just finished up my 20th book of the year. I’m just been breezin’ through books lately. I’ve been using a lot more of my Kobo Vox e-reader, as at the moment, I have run out of space for actual books. So I must resort to virtual books.

Of course the smaller screen and the bigger font definitely help pick up my reading pace. I think it also helps that I don’t really see how big the book is, like how many pages there are. My Vox does give me a percentage of how much I’ve read (though it’s not always accurate), it’s not the same perception as with a real book.

It also helps that I don’t have to keep going to the library or the bookstore for more books. I can just go online and download them immediately. This has helps quench my thirst for books!

I actually read a series by Lauren Kate called Fallen in about a week on my Kobo. There are four in the series – the last one is to be published in June. That will be my next review(s) up on here. I’m contemplating between writing a review for each book, or just write one long one for all three. Either way, it will be up by the end of the week.

I also just finished The Reinvention of Love by Helen Humphreys. She also wrote Conventry, which I read a few years ago and didn’t particularly like. This book was a bit better, in a I’m-not-too-sure way.

Anyway I’m almost a third of the way towards my goal of sixty books this year. At the rate I’m going, I’m probably going to exceed it. Though I’m also thinking of getting into some big tomes, like 1Q84 or Anna Karenina or War and Peace.

Either way, more book awesomeness and more stories to be immersed in. I’m a huge nerd but I’m excited!