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Out of all of the dystopian (/young adult) literature I’ve read this year, Matched by Ally Condie was definitely one of the best books. In “The Society,” people are told exactly what to do: what to eat, what their job is, who they are going to marry.

Cassia is like any other girl in “The Society” – she is looking forward to her new job assignment after she’s done school, and also, meeting her “Match” at the “Matching Ceremony.” People are shown their Matches in private, so when Cassia enters the identification card she is given into her monitor, her best friend’s face, Xander, shows up. She is surprised and relieved, since most people have never met their Matches beforehand.

But then another face comes up – Ky’s. She is scared and worried but is assured that it is just a glitch by government officials. However, she befriends Ky’s and soon enough, they fall in love.

Then she realizes that maybe Ky’s match isn’t just a glitch – maybe that it was meant to be or that there was a reason behind it.

I won’t give any spoilers because this book was so good and I definitely recommend it to anyone, regardless if they like young adult lit or dystopian lit. Even though it’s quite a big book (500 pages), it’s paced very well and it leaves you wanting more.

It makes you root for Cassia to choose her own life, instead of submitting to “The Society”‘s demands. It also makes you think of how our society makes certain demands of each of us, even if they are only indirect and passive demands. Choosing the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with is the most important decision (and choice) anyone can make. The fact that Cassia technically chose her own Match is very powerful, especially in a society where individuals can’t make their own decisions.

Thankfully, the second book is already out (and the third book will be published in November!). So I’m very much looking forward to reading it!


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Book 23 out of 60