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…And the book I’ve been dying to read since I read Divergent. Veronica Roth’s second book, Insurgent, begins where Divergent left off. Initiation Day ended in the factions warring with each other, as the Erudite try to take over Chicago by destroying the Abnegation first.

Tris and Four move through the city to the Amity compound, which has been declared a safe zone for all the factions. Unfortunately, as secrets come to light, relationships between the factions end and new alliances are created.

A major aspect of this book is how Tris deals with all the death that occurs around her, especially Will’s death in the first book. Tris had to kill Will because he was under control of the Erudite while in the Dauntless compound. Tris finds it difficult to reconcile the fact she killed one of her very good friends and having to tell those Dauntless friends that remain.

As much as I liked this book, it wasn’t as good as Divergent. I found it a bit confusing at times, mostly because I was trying to remember who each character was and what factions they belonged as Roth had Tris and Four and the rest of the characters running around Chicago. It also didn’t build the anticipation and deliver the action as Divergent did. It was a lot of running around, then they get held up or stopped by an obstacle.

However, the ending of Insurgent was great – a major cliffhanger. I’m definitely looking forward to what is going to happen in the third and final book of the series. I have my suspicions of what Roth has in store for Tris and Four and the rest of this faction society.

Anyway, go out and read Insurgent. It’s a good follow-up to Divergent and a great set-up for the third book. Enjoy!


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Book 33 out of 60