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Crossed is the follow-up novel to Ally Condie’s Matched that begins with Cassia now living in the Outer Provinces, where she escapes a government compound to go find Ky, who has also been sent to the Outer Provinces.

The novel switches back and forth between Cassia’s point of view and Ky’s point of view, which I enjoyed immensely, because we finally get to see what Ky is thinking and feeling. He loves Cassia deeply, but he realizes that when they find each other, he will no longer want to take part in the society (or the rebellion, which we learn more at the end of the book).

The setting is beautiful, sparse, unforgiving, and limitless. Condie took her inspiration Salt Lake City, Utah, where she lives. It is a mix of a desert with the Grand Canyon and is a perfect representation of Cassia and Ky’s love: endless and capricious.

Since there is such a heavy influence of poems and “ancient” writings in the first book, it becomes a larger aspect in Crossed. Condie crosses the young adult literature writing style to the more high literary style. This writing style turns the environment the characters are living in into its own living character that is ever-changing that inspires Cassia to write her own poetry for Ky.

When Cassia and Ky find each other, it is as though they were always going to find each other. Cassia wants to find the “Pilot,” the leader of the rebellion movement they believe to exist. When Ky leads them to the rebellion movement, Ky gives her an ultimatum: because he wants nothing to do with the rebellion or the Society, Cassia must choose between Ky and the rebellion.

Unfortunately, Cassia wants nothing more than to help the rebellion and help bring the Society down. Regardless of this ultimatum, Ky realizes that he loves Cassia and doesn’t even want to leave her (which makes a lot more sense – didn’t they just spend most of the book finding each other?). Despite the fact they get split up in the movement, they are both moving towards the same goal: success of the movement. At the end of the book, Cassia is going back into the Society as a mole, while Ky is in the air force.

I’m not sure what Condie will do in the third book. What I’m worried about is that it will turn out like the Hunger Games trilogy – the first and second book were great but the third book completely fizzled out, even when there was such great potential for the trilogy ending on a high note.


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Book 34 out of 60