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Across the Universe by Beth Revis begins with Amy and her parents in the process of being frozen for their journey to another planet, a journey that will take them three hundred years to complete on the massive spaceship Godspeed.

However, she is violently awoken fifty years too soon. Not only are their hundreds of people frozen onboard, she learns there is a fully functioning society living onboard the spaceship – a society that farms and is ruled by the Eldest.

The Eldest is an old man, part of a government system put in place after a “plague” decimated the society. Eldest is also teaching Elder, a teenage boy whom he is teaching to replace him one day.

Through Elder’s help, Amy realizes that someone was trying to kill her when several similar incidents occur. Amy must learn Godspeed’s hidden secrets. I won’t give any spoiler alerts, because this book is definitely worth reading. It was fast-paced and keeps you wanting more once you’re finished!

You also can’t help putting yourself in Amy’s shoes: she chooses to be frozen with her parents, to leave the planet she calls home and to wake up on a new planet very far away. When she is awoken, she now must live on a ship that has a completely different society, with a different culture. You feel the claustrophobia and the emptiness and the loneliness Amy feels in the middle of space.

I don’t really read science fiction, but this book has been on my reading list for a while and I decided to take a chance. I wasn’t disappointed. I absolutely recommend it!


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Book 40 out of 60